Mortgage Calculator and Cash Back Incentives. 

Buying home in today's market is more complex than ever especially with the continual and significant Government changes to mortgage rules and programs.

This is where I come in. As part of my Complete Real Estate Solutions services in addition to being licensed to help you buy and sell you home I am also a licensed mortgage broker in BC*.

If you take adavantage of my Complete Real Estate Solutions service package, not only can we determine the financial pathway to home ownership but it will allow me to zero in the type of home best suited to your needs and budget.


To top it all off,for clients who use this service package,I can offer cash back after closing**.

Unless you are a cash buyer it is imperative that you know where you fit in the current mortgage financing market.

Shopping for a home in our market without some indication of whether you qualify, for how much, and what type of mortgage, is, quite frankly, a waste of your time. If you are really serious about buying now or in the future contact me.


As an independent mortgage broker I work to help you plan and understand if you qualify and for how much based on your credit and financial profile and work to get you the best rate and mortgage for your circumstances.


You will find a mortgage calculator below that will give you a general sense of what monthly payments you can consider (OAC. Rates and mortgage terms are determined by your credit profile and the lender's guidelines and are subject to change).


Remember there are closing costs associated with buying and selling a property and everyone's situation is different. Call me to find out more.


Contact me to take advantage of the my innovative Complete Real Estate Solutions service package.

* I am licensed for mortgage financing in BC by The Red Door Mortgage Group- Mortgage Architects

** Certain conditions apply. Contact me to find out more.

Mortgage Calculator